£10-£1000 Challenge – Round 1 – International Friendly

£10-£1000 Challenge – Round 1

A Brand New £10-£1000 Challenge – Round 1  today.

This time we’re looking at the Internationals

Croatia offer odds of 3/10 for our £10.00 stake. Offering a return of £13.00

£10-£1000 Challenge - Round 1

£10-£1000 Challenge – Round 1

Croatia look for their fourth straight win when they host a rattled Israel team at Osijek.

Croatia are coming on the back of three wins in a row, and are unbeaten in 7 games at home.

Israel are still without a head-coach and haven’t played a single match since the exit from qualifiers in November 2015.

We feel confident that this £10-£1000 Challenge – Round 1 will be the one !!

We’re using Bet365 again for this one.

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